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Fred Stevens Firewood has over 35 years of experience in selling firewood products. All our wood is processed for Commercial & Residential cooking and heating. All of our firewood is kiln dried per DACS SB-65 Certification within or outside the state.

A high level of knowledge and skill with the best practice of delivering the highest quality firewood products in the significant volumes required to service the ever expanding Commercial trade.

‣   Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan

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Fred Stevens Firewood takes pride in being local with 4 locations in Pompano Beach. Support your local vendors and keep the business in our state. Giving back to our community is what we strive on.  We have purchased a 5th truck to keep our customers happy, and to reach out to any new potential customers. Word of mouth is the best compliment, our customer service is top notch!

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‣  3", 5", 8' 1/3 & 1/2 Cord, Full Pallets

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Fred Stevens Firewood offers  the finest gourmet Kiln Dried Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan in a variety of Cuts, Splits along with Grilling Woods in Bags and Pallets along with Natural Coal and Anthracite Coal for Pizza Ovens and Mesquite Charcoal for Barbequing. Our distributors have been approved by the State of Florida to meet the USDA's strict standard for Heat Treating their products. Our total of 5 Distributors makes us the...