​Give your family a true taste of Italy by cooking your homemade pizza over Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood.

Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood is specifically designed for wood fired pizza ovens. Our family has worked with pizza chefs and we have come up with the best wood combination. Fred Stevens pizza cut cooking wood is made from Oak and Hickory because it maintains a hot and consistent burn with low emissions. Our wood is cut and dried to produce the maximum amount of proper heat that helps maintain a constant temperature, providing a great smoke flavor in the pizza. 

We have miniature pizza cuts which gives you the hottest and longest burns, holding temperatures of up to 800-900 degrees for 20 minutes with just 5-6 pieces of wood. This wood is 6 inches in length and 2-3 inches in diameter. We also offer the 16 inch cut in 3-5 inches in diameter for your full sized ovens. Both are great for your best pizza oven results. Chefs and home cooks add great flavor cooking splits to their wood ovens to create great taste.

A True Taste of Italy​​​​​

Fred Stevens